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The Electronic Signature is just a click away!

Sign documents in a few clicks while protecting
yourself from identity theft.


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Generate your electronic identity 

Through facial recognition, it protects the citizen from identity theft. The authentication procedure complies with the European eIDAS regulations.

It supports electronic ID cards and electronic passports.

Using NFC, it validates the identity document and reads the citizen’s data contained in the chip.

firma elettronica firmo subito

Advanced Electronic Signature

In a few simple clicks, you can sign a PDF file or another document and send it via WhatsApp, email, or other messaging apps.

Works on all NFC-equipped devices 

The app is compatible with all smartphones and tablets equipped with an NFC sensor.

firma elettronica firmo subito

Standard formats

The app supports the standard formats PAdES for PDF documents and CAdES p7m for other types of documents


The app does not acquire any personal data and does not store documents anywhere other than the user’s mobile device.

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